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  • Clicks vs. Bricks Part 3: How Low Can You Go?

    How many times have you walked into a store, found an item you absolutely loved and wondered, “Can I get this for a cheaper price online?” In a recent episode of The 19 – “Is Brick and Mortar Dead?” – a few of the shoppers we interviewed scoped out items in-store, but, ultimately, made the …

  • The Digital HIPAA-potamus

    As of August 2017, the US Department of Health and Human Services has received a whopping 163,277 HIPAA Privacy Rule Complaints. 2016 was deemed the second worst year in terms of HIPAA violations and the top three causes behind these data breaches were employee action, lost or stolen devices and third-party error. Glancing at these …

  • Introducing The 19: Healthcare Brands CARE for Social Media

    Introducing The 19: Healthcare If you’re interested in learning more about response marketing in the world of healthcare, be sure to tune in to The 19, Orange Label’s brand new podcast! Every month, we will produce a new episode covering a new facet of healthcare response marketing. In our latest episode, “Healthcare Brands CARE for …

  • Why are You Here and Where Do You Intend to Go?

    I am sitting at the conference room table with an entrepreneurial-minded CEO for an established brand and his leadership team. I pose the question, “Where do you see your business in the next three years?” Along with a long pause and a few blank stares from around the table, the CEO breaks the silence and …

  • Is Brick and Mortar Dead?

    Is Brick and Mortar Dead? Retail Marketing Podcast

    Introducing The 19: Retail Is Brick and Mortar Dead? Here at Orange Label, we’ve been working in secret on a very special project. We call it The 19 – A monthly podcast covering response marketing in the world of retail. For our inaugural episode, “Is Brick and Mortar Dead?,” we interviewed everyday people to learn …

  • Clicks vs. Bricks Part 2: Desktop or Mobile – Whose Site are You on?

    Clicks vs. Bricks Part 2: Desktop or Mobile - Whose Site are You on?

    I was giddy. I had just gotten ahold of my yearly bonus and, like any red-blooded person in their mid-twenties, I could not wait to spend it. There was a laundry list of items I wanted to purchase – a new lamp, a good pair of sneakers, a pair of tickets to a local concert. …

  • The Longest Way is the Shortest Way

    "The Longest Way Is the Shortest Way" - Response Marketing Strategies

    My dad’s voice pierced my 9-year-old ears, “Get back here right now. What do you think you’re doing?” Just before I heard my dad’s words, I had run out the back door to visit a kid that had moved into the neighborhood a few days earlier. A little context – I grew up in a …

  • Putting the “Med” in Social Media

    It was another late night spent scouring the Internet. Tonight’s problem? My knee was aching and I was worried. Checking self-diagnosis websites did more harm than good, as every symptom seemed to always end in terminal illness. Stress eventually turned to fear, but before I decided to invest in a very (very) expensive ambulance ride, …

  • Clicks vs. Bricks Part 1: Is Brick and Mortar Dead?

    I went into a Pottery Barn store over the weekend with the intention of making a purchase decision on an ottoman for our family room. I had looked online, also received the catalog but really wanted to go into the store, feel the fabric, get a sense of the size and how the ottoman interacted …

  • Orange Label Named One of the “Best Places to Work in Orange County”

    Orange Label has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Orange County” by the Orange County Business Journal. Each year, the Orange County Business Journal recognizes an exclusive selection of local businesses for achievement in eight Core Focus Areas: Leadership and Planning, Corporate Culture and Communications, Role Satisfaction, Work Environment, Relationship with …