• GPS for Retail ROI: 4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Retail Location

    “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.” Attributed to British real estate mogul Lord Harold Samuel in 1956, this expression rings true decades after it was published. Brick-and-mortar brands are especially familiar with the power of this phrase because, when it comes to establishing a new store, it’s all about – …

  • Are Community Sponsorships Healthy?

    Healthcare Advertising Strategy

    We’ve spent time discussing the importance of healthcare events for patients – their ability to educate and reach patients on a personal level all while promoting a healthcare provider’s expertise and services. But, there’s another side of the coin – community-based events. Healthcare and community go hand-in-hand; without one, the other cannot thrive. Healthcare providers …

  • 3 Tips for More Engaging Healthcare Infographics

    Healthcare Marketing Infographic

    Technology. Legislation. Treatment. Prevention. Healthcare is multifaceted, and with each new component comes a mountain of data to sift through. Don’t get us wrong, data is incredibly important, but it’s not always easily digestible. A document purely comprised of numbers and facts can deter the average onlooker, so it’s up to us response marketers to …

  • Retail’s Roots in Traditional Media

    Media Buying and Print Marketing

    “Print is dead!” “No one reads magazines anymore!” “Digital media is more popular than ever!” Every couple of years, statements like these make their way into the headlines, and there’s a reason for it. In our rapid-fire world where speed is a top priority, digital media checks all of the boxes – it’s fast, it’s …

  • Patient Response by the Numbers

    Healthcare Marketing Patients Response

    Marketing a new service line goes beyond compelling creative and powerful messaging –having measurable results will gauge the success and relevancy of your marketing strategy and sustain your organization for the long run. To get to measurable results, you must gather DATA. Before you start reciting HIPAA guidelines, let us explain. Yes, HIPAA has created …