• Instagram is Healthier than Ever with Millennials

      Healthcare providers are incorporating Instagram into their multichannel marketing strategies as a means of reaching millennials. In our latest episode of The 19: Healthcare, Orange Label Social Media Specialist Chelsea Ragland speaks to four millennials about how they interact with health content via Instagram.

  • Black Friday: How Low Will Millennials Go?

    Is Brick and Mortar Dead? Retail Marketing Podcast

      During the biggest retail holiday of the season, we took it to the streets to understand more about millennial shopping habits during Black Friday weekend. From impulse buys to deep discounts, our interviewees elaborate on their purchase behaviors and tell us what they’re looking forward to this holiday season.

  • What You Say and Look Like Matters

    “You nailed it!” “Wow!” “That captures the essence of us.” “I love it.” These are quotes from actual clients after their “Juice” is unveiled. It may sound boastful, but after doing the work, digging deep and going through the peaks and valleys of the creative process, this actually is the typical response from clients. Why …

  • Nurse Recruitment that Hires

    One of my most memorable hospital experiences is the birth of my daughter. Of course, this experience is significant because she is my first born — and my labor and delivery happened to last for nearly 12 hours, so it would be a pretty hard event to forget. It was hands-down the most difficult and …

  • Press Play: 4 Ways to Engage Your Shoppers with Video

    When you scroll through your social feed, check the news or visit your favorite website, what do you see? Before you tell us your answer, let us take a guess – video. Whether it’s two pandas play fighting or one person’s inspirational story, video has become the go-to platform for highly engaging storytelling. Video content …

  • The Digital HIPAA-potamus

    As of August 2017, the US Department of Health and Human Services has received over 160,000 HIPAA Privacy Rule Complaints. In this episode of The 19, Orange Label Account Supervisor Michelle Torr explains why HIPAA is the proverbial hippopotamus in the room for healthcare providers.

  • What Does Your View from the Field Look and Sound Like?

    As leaders of our businesses and organizations, do we really know what our customers want? When is the last time you asked your customers what benefits they experience by using your product or service? One of my favorite parts of the work we do on behalf of our clients is customer interviews. I enjoy asking …

  • Desktop or Mobile – Whose Site are You on?

    Is Brick and Mortar Dead? Retail Marketing Podcast

      Are you a mobile shopper or a desktop shopper? When we posed this seemingly simple question to shoppers, we got some pretty complex answers. In this episode of The 19, we interview everyday people to uncover the truth behind one of the biggest “feuds” in the world of ecommerce.