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The speed at which the marketplace is changing is extraordinary. Now more than ever, people are turning to social media to read the latest news, get updates on local and global changes, connect with friends and family, share ways to give back, and to be entertained or simply be distracted. In fact, there has been a 50% increase in US traffic to other websites from Facebook alone. Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage and views for Instagram Live and Facebook Live doubled in one week. 

Because social media is a fast, direct and powerful source for data and information, it’s important for marketers and brands to ensure that they are remaining active on these channels with appropriate, relevant and useful information. We’ve developed 10 social media tips to help brands navigate the landscape. 

10 Social Media Tips in Today’s Marketplace – download as a PDF here.

  1. Don’t Sit on the Sidelines. Though business is not “as usual,” it’s key to continue your brand’s social strategy after regrouping and refining messaging. By going dark, your audience may not feel supported through this uncertain time or worse yet, think you are out of business. Your followers are online now more than ever, and actively looking for information and updates.
  2. Take a Pulse Check. Enact social listening on your own channels, industry social channels, and the marketplace to get a sense for your audience’s emotions, needs and concerns. This will help you identify your audience’s state of mind and what content they would value.  
  3. Determine Your Place in the Conversation. What makes your brand relevant during this time? Post with a strong purpose not just for the sake of posting.
  4. What’s Your WIIFM? Always keep your audience’s “What’s In It For Me?” top of mind. What is your audience looking for that you could provide? Put that social listening to work and bring relevant and valuable content to the table like education, wellness resources, entertainment, connection opportunities for those isolated or resources for working from home. Ensure your brand is bringing real value as audiences are highly aware of opportunistic sales pitches. 
  5. Check Your Tone. Exercise caution and sensitivity with all content and messaging, ensuring multiple people are checking over content. Think of your audience’s state of mind when creating content. Keep in mind that some of your followers have lost their jobs, are caring for a loved one, juggling working at home with a toddler or might be sick themselves.
  6. Take it to Video. Video brings a human, emotional element to your brand. Using video posts, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and uploading to video platforms like YouTube and TikTok with quality video content will support your position as an expert in your field. Audiences are staying at home and seeking entertainment. For example, YouTube usership is up over 15%.
  7. Involve Your Community. Bring questions to your audience about what content they’d like to see more of and provide opportunities for online connection. For example, post an Instagram Story with a question button or pose a question to your audience in a caption.
  8. Think Outside the Box to Spread Positivity. Sharing uplifting motivational quotes, scenic photos and creating online activities can help to engage audiences in a positive way. Share the love by supporting local businesses or other relevant community information.
  9. Bring Flexibility to Your Social Planning. Allow for adjustments and shifts based on the state of the industry and local safety measures in place. Note that your frequency may also adjust during this time so that only relevant content is shared.
  10. Get in Touch with Your Peers. Join industry Facebook and LinkedIn groups to collaborate and speak with others about how they are addressing the situation. Also, reference regularly updated reports and surveys as the situation is shifting quickly. 

With so much information at our fingertips, it’s important to know when, where and how to share brand messages effectively. When in doubt, lead with empathy and keep your brand culture and core values front and center. If you’re stuck not knowing what and when to post, the tips above will help you jump-start that process. If you need support with this process and a resource that can dig into your particular brand circumstance and social strategy, contact us and we can help. 

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