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While crowds gathered last Sunday to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots, marketing enthusiasts waited in anticipation for the second-most watched part of the Super Bowl – the commercials! Curious about our favorites? See below for Orange Label’s take on this year’s Super Bowl commercial lineup.

“My favorite commercial was the Jurassic Park Jeep commercial. I am a JP nerd at heart, and the commercial did an amazing job of making me feel like I was watching one of my all-time favorite movies. The Jeep brand is so ingrained in the Jurassic Park series, so it felt like a natural representation of the brand, and not at all like a sales message.” – Michelle Torr, Account Supervisor

“Tide turned the typical Super Bowl commercial trope on its head with ‘Every Ad is a Tide Ad.’ Starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour, this clever spot features a cameo from nearly every commercial we’ve seen this year, from your standard luxury car commercial monologue to zany Skittles-esque absurdity, but don’t be fooled – it’s really a Tide ad.” – Gina Magnuson, Copywriter

“Loved the Amazon Alexa spot – fun and the expressions of those on the receiving end were priceless. The celebrities they chose were so on point as to their personalities and how they are ‘seen’ by viewers.
Kia Stinger with Steven Tyler – throw back!
Kraft – Family – was just real – seeing every day families not celebrities with gimmicks, warm, heartfelt and just real. Family is so important, always is but I think with this day and age it shows how we are all different but still the family in how we each define it is unique to each of us.
M&M – 2-part with Danny DeVito – he is a perfect red M&M! Loved at the end of the second spot when he is looking in the glass and commenting on how handsome he is and the girl next to him said, ‘Yep still short and bald.’ Classic!” – Debbie Nagel, Agency Principal

“I enjoyed the ‘Amazon Alexa Lost Her Voice’ ad. It had the right amount of humor with the big-name stars we anticipate seeing in Super Bowl commercials without missing the mark on messaging by tying in Alexa as a friend we each know and love within our households.” – Chelsea Ragland, Social Media Specialist

Orange Label Art Director Marcus Johnson decided to rank a few of his favorites:

“Gold: Tide!
‘Isn’t every Super Bowl ad a Tide ad?’ Tide crushed it with a ‘clean sweep,’ going into campaign mode with multiple quick, clever and memorable ads. They checked all the boxes: (1) They got a highly recognizable (and currently very iconic in pop culture) spokesman (2) The ads were funny (3) They capitalized on the popularity of other ads like the Mr. Clean ad from last year, stole the spokesman from old spice and ripped of clichés from other ads (4) They broke the 4th wall and straight up said, ‘Hey, this is an ad.’
Silver: It’s a tie! Mountain Dew/Doritos Rap Battle and Sprint Robot/AI commercial
You get Tyrion Lannister rapping to Busta Rhymes and pit him against Morgan Freeman busting out some Missy Elliott (or pretty much doing ANYTHING). Pop culture, iconic music, big brands and, of course, Morgan Freeman (aka the voice of God), and pretty much every documentary worth watching – pure gold. But, then, you have this Sprint commercial with robots telling a guy he has a ‘dumb face’ and, suddenly, I can’t decide.
Bronze: Danny DeVito as an M&M
‘Do you wanna eat me?’ I mean, if the competition wasn’t so fierce this would probably be Gold. Another extremely recognizable spokesperson, funny, HUGE brand … it’s got all the right ingredients.”

“I loved the Tide Ads. The collection of commercials was bold, funny, and they relayed the message very well — Every time you see a clean shirt, in life OR on film, it’s Tide. I loved that they poked fun at the cliché and well-known commercials, AND good choice of talent with all the recent hype about Stranger Things. I also think Tide did a great job weaving the message and hashtag #TideAd into their social media presence. Brilliant.” – Michelle Regrut, Account Strategist

“I loved Budweiser’s Water Relief ‘Stand by You’ Super Bowl Commercial. The one-minute spot was impactful, emotional and portrayed the company’s positive response in helping those in need. It was an engaging and humble way to showcase Budweiser’s social corporate responsibility efforts, which was something that, as a consumer, I wasn’t aware of and helps to better inform my future purchasing decisions. I believe in supporting companies that help those in need, so way to go Budweiser!” – Kaleigh Teskey, Account Executive

“Tide – The use of other Proctor and Gamble brands such as Old Spice and the Mr. Clean character was a genius way of marketing the Tide product. With the short 5-10 second clips all connected by David Harbour saying ‘…but wait, It’s a Tide ad,’ not only allowed them to create a huge variety of stylistic commercials (luxury, corporate, medical, etc.) but more importantly started an internet trend already! I can’t tell you how many message boards, tweets, and other forms of internet chatter has been flooded with ‘but wait, it’s a Tide ad’ jokes. Tide KILLED IT.” – Jonathan Ott, Intern

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