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2018 was a big year for marketers. From artificial intelligence to dynamic search, we saw a rise in trends that have completely reshaped the marketing landscape and 2019 is set to push them even further. If you want to be in-the-know about the top marketing trends to look for in the new year, keep reading.

  1. Dynamic Search

Dynamic search is a topic you will being seeing a lot of in the new year. At Orange Label we use the phrase “Dynamic Search” to describe online search experiences that are interactive, such as voice search and visual search. Statistics show that, by 2020, voice searches will make up 50 percent of all searches and, today, 22 percent of Americans with a smart home device, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, will make a purchase using voice search. Voice search is also reshaping SEO, as it tends to be more conversational in tone and language. Remember, these searches are based on how we speak, rather than how we type. For example, rather than typing, “blood pressure management” on your keyboard, you might say, “How do I manage my blood pressure?” In addition to voice search, visual search is another way to incorporate Dynamic Search tactics into your 2019 marketing strategy. With 93 percent of consumers considering visuals to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision, visual search engines are revolutionizing the retail industry. The fashion brand ASOS has already incorporated visual search on their website, allowing shoppers to find clothing based on photos of items they like. Providing consumers with a new level of convenience and accuracy, Dynamic Search is definitely a trend to watch in 2019.

  1. AI-Driven Customer Service

In 2019, artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to improve customer service initiatives through automated marketing platforms and chatbots. According to research by Edison, people favor chatbots for several reasons, including their ability to provide instant, 24-hour customer service. Chatbots are programmed to simulate human conversations via text or voice and they can answer consumers’ questions through a combination of automated scripts and machine learning, AI’s ability to learn from previous interactions. Chatbots have the potential to improve response times by 99 percent while reducing customer service costs by up to 30 percent, making them one of the most beneficial ways to implement AI into your marketing strategy. As a result, brands have uncovered creative ways to incorporate chatbot AI into customer service operations. Fandango’s Facebook Messenger chatbot, for example, lets movie fans quickly find the latest trailers and local theaters from their favorite smart device and Whole Foods’ chatbot provides an endless array of recipes when customers input the emoji of their favorite ingredient.

  1. Interactive Media

Marketers have known about the importance of video for a while, but, in 2019, we’re seeing this form of interactive media evolve into something completely new and fresh. Augmented Reality (AR), the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time, is on the rise as a top form of interactive media and is expected to become a $120 billion industry by 2020. AR’s popularity has been increasing because unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which creates a totally artificial environment, AR uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. With AR, consumers have the ability to view furniture in their own homes before they buy or try on makeup without having to purchase it. AR’s use in the marketplace reduces returns, increases engagement and interaction, and overall makes for a better consumer experience. One prime company leading the way in AR is IKEA. With the launch of their AR service, IKEA Place, the global brand makes finding the perfect piece of furniture easier than ever before. All shoppers have to do is download the app, capture a photo of their living space and digitally place the item in the desired location.

The latest market research predicts that by 2020, consumer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, and, if there is one thing these three trends have in common, it’s the focus they have on improving consumer experience. Success in 2019 will be found in making your consumers genuinely feel valued and appreciated and that begins with creating unique, personalized experiences.

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