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Remember those marketing KPIs you came up with back in January? Well, now’s the time to make them a reality.

Summer is coming to an end and that means we’re coming up on the business calendar’s 4th Quarter. While some refer to this time of year as “The Final Countdown” or “The Home Stretch,” we’d like to think of this end as more of a beginning. Let us explain.

As much as Q4 is about tying up lose ends and hitting sales quotas, it also presents an opportunity to revisit response marketing goals and objectives with a renewed sense of energy and determination. Remember, Q4 doesn’t just mark the end of 2018, it also sets the tone for the new year. Developing a strong game and finishing the year on a high note will set your organization up for momentum in 2019. Here are our tips for maximizing return and creating long-term brand value during the 4th Quarter.

  1. Bring the Energy

At the start of a new year, everything feels possible. KPIs abound and it seems like every topic of conversation somehow revolves around a new marketing initiative to make this year better than the one before. However, as the year goes on, we tend to focus on the details rather than the big picture. When Q4 rolls around, it’s your reminder to refocus and revisit those high-level goals. Recall the enthusiasm you felt at the beginning of the year and bring that same vitality to Q4 meetings. This is the time to get inspired, encourage collaboration and remind your team that these goals are not only possible, but totally within reach.

  1. Close the Gaps

Now that your KPIs are front-and-center, it’s time to bring out the magnifying glass. Take a look at each and every KPI and see where you stand. For every goal that was completed, come up with a stretch target, including incentives for your team. For every deficit, devise a thorough strategy to close those gaps. If you need to drive sales, develop a promotional campaign that puts your brand at the industry forefront. If you haven’t reached your social media targets, take steps to unroll a new campaign. No matter what your specific needs are, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops, organize multiple brainstorming sessions and give areas of improvement the attention they deserve.

  1. Pick a Champion

Once you have outlined Q4 opportunities, assign one point-person to each initiative. This champion will act as a cheerleader, encouraging their respective teams to pursue end-of-year goals with excitement. Giving each team a KPI will help your company divide and conquer, maximizing efficiency as you complete each goal on your list. To improve workflow, set up weekly or bimonthly meetings where team leaders can provide status updates. These check-ins will ensure your organization stays on schedule and maintains open lines of communication throughout the whole journey.

  1. Celebrate Every Win

When it comes to accomplishing your marketing objectives, there’s never a true end in sight. There will (and should) always be new heights to achieve, more people to reach and stronger results to obtain. To help your team feel empowered along the way, be sure to celebrate each milestone. Recognizing hard work, whether it’s with a prize, a special shout-out, a celebration or all of the above, will boost morale and build anticipation for the next big project.

  1. Go for It!

There’s no time like the present to invest in your business’ long-term brand value. When working on marketing KPIs, let carpe diem be your motto – seize the day and dive right into accomplishing those goals.

If your brand is looking for innovative ways to kickstart the 4th Quarter, Orange Label can help you uncover dynamic strategies to maximize results. To learn more, visit

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