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Our Approach

Scientifically developed, perfected and re-perfected over the last 45 years, the Orange Label Approach involves asking the right questions and listening. Applying careful consideration to the client’s industry and core objectives, the Orange Label Approach translates key insights into an actionable plan that resonates with target audiences.

Orange Exploration

A focused meeting between key players at the client level and the Orange Label Marketing Team explore:

  • The Core Business Objectives
  • The Key Marketing Objectives
  • Marketing Limitations
  • Salient Historical Facts
  • Each Constituency to be Impacted
  • Market Research Findings
  • Sensitivities
  • Competitive Landscape

View from the field

Nobody, and we mean nobody, speaks about a brand better than its customers. During the View from the Field, we take a sample of a brand’s customers, prospects and/or external stakeholders, and ask a series of insightful questions to discover, first-hand, the benefits and feelings associated with their products and services. This candid research paints an authentic picture of how a brand is perceived internally and externally, which is then documented, analyzed and reviewed with the client.

The Juice

After carefully considering the Orange Exploration and combining the insight and authentic responses gained from the View from the Field™, our creative department develops the client’s Brand Messaging Platform. This “Brand Essence” or “The Juice,” captures everything the client stands for while maintaining a look and feel that compels target audiences to take action.

Marketing Execution Strategy

Using the Brand Messaging Platform as a guide, Orange Label’s Marketing Team develops a Marketing Execution Strategy and actionable implementation plan that outlines recommendations for the key initiatives and tactics to generate marketplace awareness, response and achieve marketing goals.


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Founded in 1972

As Orange County’s longest-standing, privately held response marketing agency, we have witnessed dynamic shifts in the world of marketing. Through it all, we have ensured our clients stay at the forefront of communication and technology, driving response and value with every new endeavor.