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Pioneering exceptional value since the 1800s, Bixby Land Company had a rich company history and a diverse portfolio of industrial and office properties to match. With multiple target demographics, Bixby Land Company had the unique challenge of reaching its shareholders as well as investors and the commercial real estate industry. With a significant amount of web traffic annually, yet a high bounce rate and lower return rates, the Orange Label team needed to create a redesign that put its target audiences at the forefront.


Beginning with a User Experience (UX) Audit and Fact-Finding meeting with key decision makers, the Orange Label team was able to uncover areas of focus for the website redesign. Integrating these findings with competitive research, Orange Label creatives, strategists and developers created a comprehensive approach that placed the content at the heart of the UX design. From mood boards to a modern and responsive website, the team reimagined to include a streamlined flow, direct calls to action, cross-platform optimization, search engine marketing (SEM) integration and an updated shareholder portal to allow for secure, easy access to key data and financial information. An interactive Property Finder was also developed to help investors and brokers discover Bixby commercial properties in a variety of regions across the United States.


“Our new Bixby Land Company website, designed and developed by Orange Label, has proved to be a great investment not only for the company but for our shareholders. The feedback from our shareholders has been extremely positive. Comments range from, clear direction, user friendly, as well as an overall satisfaction in finding information.” – Debbie Heinze, Bixby Land Company

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