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Located in Pomona, CA, Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare has exemplified rehabilitative excellence in Southern California for over 75 years. With the opening of its new medical-surgical wing in 2016, the hospital needed a positioning statement that would appear alongside all messaging and branding moving forward. This “power phrase” would need to capture the spirit of Casa Colina in a way that still encapsulated the brand’s highly specialized surgical care and rehabilitation services. Orange Label used the Approach to develop and implement a positioning statement that would honor Casa Colina’s history, get people excited and position the hospital as a destination for comprehensive, multidisciplinary healthcare.

The Orange Label Approach

Step 1: Orange Exploration

Orange Label met with Casa Colina leadership to explore business objectives, competitive research and more.

Step 2: View from the Field

Orange Label interviewed Casa Colina patients, doctors and staff to create an authentic picture of how the brand is perceived both internally and in the larger community.

Step 3: The Juice

Analyzing the insight gathered from the Orange Exploration and View from the Field, Orange Label developed a message that embodied Casa Colina’s history, services and core values…


Expanding brand recognition within the local community and beyond, the successful marketing initiative helped Casa Colina solidify their position as one of Southern California’s most innovative hospitals.

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