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Opening a brand new medical-surgical wing in 2016, Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare was ready to make a splash with its first Orthopedics service line promotion for their innovative Revive Joint Replacement Program. The campaign needed to communicate Casa Colina’s dedication to quality patient care and state-of-the-art treatment while emphasizing positive patient outcomes.


Casa Colina reached out to Orange Label to develop an integrated marketing campaign that would expand their identity in the marketplace and stimulate response on multiple marketing platforms. The Orthopedics campaign was a perfect way to introduce and bring to life the hospital’s new positioning statement, “Where Better Begins,” which Orange Label created. Encapsulating forward movement and progress, this campaign featured the key message “Move Toward a Better Life” followed by a description of the program’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art offerings. The artwork demonstrates the Revive Joint Replacement Program’s positive patient outcomes – patients experiencing the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle – this integrated advertising campaign struck an emotional chord that resonated on print and digital platforms.


Casa Colina’s new Orthopedics program resonated with community members, with patients sharing positive feedback, such as: “Sometimes ‘Thank you’ is not really enough, but I hope they know I am deeply grateful to the doctor, his staff and Casa Colina for taking phenomenal care of me and all of the other patients.”

- Lori P.


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