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Top professors. National awards. Access to academic resources. A beautiful campus. If every university in the nation can make these claims, what makes one school truly different? Chapman University partnered with Orange Label to answer this question and develop a branding campaign that would truly stand out from the competition.


After applying the Orange Label Approach, the team was able to develop a powerful new concept that brought the client’s vision to life, engaged a wide audience of prospects and resonated on an authentic level. That concept was FOCUS.

FOCUS is powerful in its versatility: it speaks to the niche and specialized degree programs offered, the personal attention students receive, and the unique entrepreneurial spirit that both faculty and students bring to campus. The campaign was so captivating that it evolved into an integrated, multi-platform endeavor that spanned local and national markets.

The Result

“Orange Label has been so responsive to all of our needs. From effective marketing suggestions and media buying strategies, to measurability and results, they have been our reliable agency partner.”

- Mark Woodland

VP of Marketing, Chapman University

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