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Focusing on specialty surgeries that improve the quality of its community’s lives, Dameron Hospital’s Bariatric service line had long been a driver of patient volume. Awareness was high, but engagement was slowing. Orange Label saw opportunity to help invigorate the hospital’s bariatric program with a refreshed campaign invoking an emotionally-driven message.


To develop an authentically personal message, Orange Label’s strategic creative team began with a personal approach. Interviews were conducted with Dameron patients and physicians to reveal the service line’s benefits and uncover stories that illustrate real-life impact. This insight inspired a new campaign theme – Live Without Limits. With a multi-media mix of TV commercials, digital ads, billboard and print, the campaign made a significant impact on internal staff and Bariatric physicians while increasing the number of surgeries at the hospital.


Workshops achieved maxed-out attendance while volume increased with multiple surgeries per month.

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