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DGSHAPE’s challenge was to develop a message that would position them as an autonomous brand in the lab and clinical dental space, to generate demand and real-time, scalable sales momentum.


Orange Label conducted 30 phone interviews and collected a survey of 299 respondents to understand viewpoints from varied demographics (dealers, resellers, dental labs, and clinicians) and gain perspective on the perception of the brand. As a result of the findings, Orange Label identified ways to increase brand awareness and educate audiences in the lab and clinical market. A competitive analysis revealed that few brands were adopting the word “dental” in their brand messaging. The analysis also discovered that audiences found the technology easy to sell, use, and maintain. Both findings opened up a messaging opportunity and Orange Label formed a marketing campaign that educated users and increased DGSHAPE’s brand awareness through an omnichannel strategy that included case stories, social media, email campaigns, and print ads.


Year over year website goal completions increased by 15.6%.

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