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Dr. Potter’s empowering approach to reconstructive breast surgery and aesthetics is unique in an otherwise male-dominated industry. Her challenge was how to spread the word about her practice and expertise in a saturated marketplace. Dr. Potter’s desire was for a marketing approach that would elevate her brand and expand her message to a regional and national audience.


After meeting with Dr. Potter and her internal practice team, Orange Label interviewed 10 patients to gain context for the authentic language and preferences of the target demographic. Through these insights, Orange Label created precise audience personas and a feature/advantage/benefit matrix to establish the practice’s messaging. With an emphasis on women-empowerment in mind for both the aesthetic and breast reconstruction audiences, Orange Label developed a campaign strategy that included multiplatform content creation to generate brand awareness and increase Dr. Potter’s patient lead flow.


As a result of the campaign, Dr. Potter has seen a 138% year over year increase in new users to the practice’s website.

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