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Established in 1850, Greenwell Farms has been producing the finest 100% Kona coffee for over 150 years. Yet most of Greenwell’s loyal customers don’t live on the Big Island, which is why the company heavily depends on its marketing and advertising to drive online sales with new and existing customers. In efforts of keeping coffee top of mind with these audiences, Greenwell has designed a strategic promotional strategy, which has led to the annual November-December holiday offer – consistently producing the highest sales for the year and a spike in new customers. The big question is, how can an annual promotion stay relevant and produce these results, year after year?


Orange Label leverages the brand personality of Greenwell with a fun and clever holiday message that connects with true coffee lovers. The offer is crafted to be simple, appealing and exclusive – loyal customers know this is the best offer of the year. The marketing of the promotion consists of email notifications to existing customers, and a heavy focus on social media. The social strategy consists of paid and organic efforts, A/B test messaging and specific audience targeting to ensure the offer reaches new customers.

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