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In 2012, Daughters of Charity Medical Group approached Orange Label with a challenge: The healthcare network had expanded into the San Jose market and it needed to call attention to its new location San Jose Medical Group. To make things even more interesting, Daughters of Charity sought to increase patient volume specifically through patient referrals.


Launching the Medical Group required a brand look to be created, along with a powerful message that would capture attention in the saturated Central California Market. The integrated campaign consisted of a variety of components, including radio advertising, newspaper advertising, direct mail, social media and digital advertising. The campaign made an impact and secured a significant increase in weekly calls for San Jose Medical Group. The healthcare provider also saw a positive response to radio advertising, especially, with patients noting the commercials “reminded them that they need a primary care doctor.”

The Result

Patients have described the campaign’s messaging as…‘professional,’ ‘pleasing to the ear,’ ‘I want to know more,’ sounds like you understand our busy lifestyle,’ ‘I want a place with onsite lab services.’

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