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Soberlink, an industry leader for alcohol monitoring in Family Law and Addiction Recovery, challenged Orange Label to develop a marketing and messaging strategy that would keep up with their budding success post start-up phase. The brand‘s two different verticals had been treated separately from a marketing perspective, causing inconsistencies in the brand. How could Soberlink achieve a cohesive brand while speaking to two distinctive audiences and sustain consistent growth?


Through the Orange Label Approach, Orange Label interviewed 40 individuals including people in recovery and their family members, lawyers, judges, counselors, and clinicians. The team also conducted a competitive analysis of four major competitors. After synthesizing this data, Orange Label discovered the key message “Accountability for Sobriety,” to represent both the Family Law and Addiction Recovery industries—which the company continues to rally around. From there, Orange Label launched the message to highly targeted audiences primarily via digital marketing tactics including search engine optimization, paid search, email marketing and an extensive social media strategy.

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