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Founded in 1936, Southland Credit Union had a well-established legacy and an abundance of resources available to individuals and businesses in Orange and Los Angeles County. With a variety of checking account, savings account, home loan, auto loan and credit card offerings, Southland needed to find a way to effectively generate awareness and showcase its unique membership opportunities in a highly competitive marketplace. Presented with a diverse yet exciting challenge, Orange Label stepped up to the plate to create a detailed, response-driven marketing execution strategy that would cover all the bases.


After extensive fact finding during the Orange Exploration and View From The Field, Orange Label conducted a holistic analysis of marketplace perceptions, audience motivations and untapped opportunity. Distilling this all-encompassing data into compelling creative deliverables, Orange Label was able to effectively capture Southland’s key business and marketing goals. With these newly pinpointed objectives, Orange Label created an organic content strategy for both social media, SEO and out-of-home programmatic display that utilizes efficient media channels and segments media vehicles per product focus. Expanding Southland’s master concept, “Your Future Made Easy,” into a distinct brand personality, Orange Label constructed a hierarchy of messaging based on words and phrases that most resonated with its members and developed three recognizable campaign concepts highlighting Auto Loans and Value/Free Checking.


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Founded in 1972

As Orange County’s longest-standing, privately held response marketing agency, we have witnessed dynamic shifts in the world of marketing. Through it all, we have ensured our clients stay at the forefront of communication and technology, driving response and value with every new endeavor.