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“I need a plan!”

“We are doing all sorts of things for marketing and hoping that one of the initiatives stick.”

“I just don’t know where my marketing budget is going.”

“How can I ensure that I get the ROI from my marketing dollars?”

Does this sound like you or your marketing team? You are not alone. Often, prospects come to us saying some version of the above. They are stuck. Stuck in piecemeal marketing tactics that don’t have a rhyme or reason. Someone on their team has a great message idea and another team member runs with that idea but does not put it on the right communication channel. Or, worse yet, there are competing messages on multiple communication channels. Nothing is integrated and your marketing dollars are not being leveraged. So, how can brands effectively ensure that they are reaching the right audiences and the right time, and producing a great ROI? They take the extra step upfront to PLAN and develop an effective Marketing Execution Strategy, which is the next and last step in of the Orange Label Approach.

During the Marketing Execution Strategy, we look at the goals and objectives outlined in the Orange Exploration and decide the best ways to not only achieve, but surpass, those goals. The Marketing Execution Strategy is especially effective because it addresses everything from budget to media to frequency in the long-term, typically anywhere from 6 months to a year. Compiling this information months in advance gives marketing experts time to thoroughly implement new initiatives and streamline processes for better productivity.

To maximize response and engagement, selecting the right type of media for the message is extremely important. From print advertising to blog articles to social media, the list of marketing opportunities seemingly endless. Determining the right type of media strategy for your brand starts with analyzing how core demographics consume information. If your customers make up the core readership of certain magazines or newspapers, print advertising will be integral to your marketing strategy. Companies that want to expand their online presence may want to consider ongoing email marketing, SEO and digital media. As of 2016, 185 million Americans are on social media, comprising a massive audience of potential customers. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that social media has become an essential component of contemporary marketing strategies, as well.

Again and again, we see the power of omnichannel marketing, that is, marketing that spans multiple platforms, both traditional and digital. According to data collected by Aspect Software, businesses with omnichannel strategies see 91 percent higher customer retention rates year-over-year compared to businesses that don’t use an omnichannel approach. These days, people are using a variety of devices to take in information and, ultimately, drive conversions. Google Research notes that 98 percent of Americans use multiple devices throughout the day, making mobile, desktop, television, radio and print platforms all relevant to omnichannel marketing. What makes omnichannel marketing so crucial to the Marketing Execution Strategy is its ability to seamlessly communicate a brand message on multiple platforms while reaching the widest audience possible. Marketing engine Knexus notes that 15 years ago, the average consumer access two touch-points when purchasing an item – now, consumers use an average of six touch-points prior to purchase. As technology evolves and grants access to information on a variety of different platforms, Orange Label’s Marketing Execution Strategy ensures clients stay ahead of the curve and incorporate these platforms into their marketing plans for maximum results.

A successful marketing strategy requires equal parts creativity and strategy. Coming up with a game-changing concept is only half the battle – you also need the resources to execute the idea in a way that engages a wide audience and elicits response. The Marketing Execution Strategy outlines exactly when, what and how a concept will come to life, keeping a brand’s core demographic and goals and objectives top-of-mind at all times. With an omnichannel strategy that includes a variety of media, long-term planning and expertise in implementing these concepts, we secure lasting industry leadership for our clients.

If you’re on the cusp of the next game-changing idea, a thorough, cohesive Marketing Execution Strategy can be that extra push you need to bring that brilliant concept to life. A long-term plan with a strong foundation can bring some much-needed clarity and structure when you’re managing a multitude of voices and opinions. That’s why we consider this step in The Approach so crucial – it not only serves as a tangible guide on the path to industry leadership, it also provides that pivotal peace of mind needed to make your job just a little easier.


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