Four Tips to an Effective Client-Agency Relationship

October 08, 2020

When you make the decision to hire a marketing agency, there’s a reason. Some of the main reasons we discussed in an earlier blog, “In-House Vs. Outsource Marketing – Maximizing Results for Your Brand,” include: gaining an outside perspective, working with experts in your industry or niche and expanding your team without the headache of a large, in-house staff. An extension of your team, an agency can help you with a specific initiative, like launching a product, a specific goal, such as increasing brand awareness, or all of the above! A key factor to the success of the relationship is  to ensure that the agency understands your “why,” or the core purpose and driving factor of your brand. As they say, good things come to those who collaborate and the following tips set the stage for an effective relationship with your agency that pushes boundaries, sets new standards and directly benefits your audience. Remember… 

Sharing is More than Caring, It’s Essential 

A phrase that bears repeating, communication is key to any successful relationship. When working with a marketing agency, it’s important to keep them in the loop and vice versa! Here are some examples.

Client Responsibilities:  

    • Goals, objectives and company vision
    • Internal changes that may affect marketing
    • New products, services, etc. 
    • Upcoming activities, such as webinars, podcast features and media coverage

Agency Responsibilities:

Where Emails Fall Short, Meetings Thrive 

We all know the saying, “I survived a meeting that could have been an email,” but what about when it’s the other way around? There’s a lot at stake in sending in an email that could have been a quick phone call or (virtual) meeting. Eliminating the back-and-forth in favor of a quick conversation not only nurtures the relationship, it can help spark new ideas while providing additional context that may have otherwise been left unsaid. In this case, both client and agency responsibilities are the same. 

Client AND Agency Responsibilities: 

Keep a Pulse on Performance

Like many aspects of life, sales and marketing are driven by results. Conducting periodic check-ins on how your company and marketing is performing, and then sharing those results with one another allows operations to move efficiently and efforts to be focused accordingly. Here are some of the performance metrics to keep in mind for both clients and agencies. 

Client Responsibilities: 

Agency Responsibilities:

Let Your Expertise Shine 

Insights are important for both clients and agencies to share with one another. Both leaders in your respective fields, you each have something extraordinary to bring to the table. Clients know their specific industries through and through, and can provide irreplaceable insider context. The same is true for marketers. Here’s how to combine each into an unstoppable force. 

Client Responsibilities: 

Agency Responsibilities: 

Dating back to the age-old marketing “rule of seven,” which states that it takes seven interactions with your brand before a purchase takes place, marketing requires consistency. A marketing agency can help you achieve just that through quality work and expert insights. When choosing the right one for you, there’s power in hiring the agency that’s the collaborator, suggestion maker, risk-taker and creator, instead of the order-taker. Always there to provide support and suggestions, Orange Label could be in your corner – ready to collaborate and deliver the results you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more.

Written By: Michelle Komala

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