Track Your Reach with Google+ Insights

February 08, 2017

Google has added some game-changing analytics to Google+. In January 2017, Google launched Insights, a new addition to the social media platform, which provides a range of new and improved features for in-depth breakdowns. With a private dashboard for quick and easy data references, this update will make tracking performance more efficient than ever.

Google+ Insights gives users the opportunity to track important numbers, like follower count and views. To access Insights, users simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of the profile page. Select the “Your Influence” option to check out Profile Follows, Collection Follows, Number of Posts, Shared Posts and +1s. Insights compiles data from the last seven days or the last 30 days.

One major factor affected by this Google+ update is page views. Prior to Insights, Google+ views were compiled from a range of Google platforms. Now, page views solely reflect the number of visitors to a Google+ page. Because of this change, users’ Google+ views may look much smaller when compared to older numbers.

With a variety of new features to choose from, Insights allows Google+ users to take a deeper analytical dive. Whether you’re tailoring your marketing strategy, cultivating your brand or garnering influence, Google+ Insights is a highly effective tool for social media analytics.


Written By: Janell Rowland

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