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With 146 million active users, LinkedIn provides an innovative opportunity for retail brands to establish brand leadership and connect with loyal fans. Considering that LinkedIn members are over 2x more likely to trust information provided on the site, it’s no surprise that an active and engaging LinkedIn page can create positive interactions and relationships between your brand and its millions of users. But there is a right and a wrong way to go about this. Thankfully, best-in-class retail brands such as Verizon, Nike and Schneider Electric have discovered the intricacies of doing LinkedIn right. If you want to know more about amplifying your LinkedIn company page’s potential, keep reading.

1. Verizon’s Tactful Self-Promotion

The top brands on LinkedIn know that it isn’t a platform for selling products, it is however, a fantastic place to sell your brand. When you sell your brand on LinkedIn, you have the power to establish your company as an industry leader, not only for your successes, but for your desire to do more with your platform. Using the website to highlight your company’s best traits and establish it as a leader in the industry is a strategy LinkedIn refers to as “tactful self-promotion,” and Verizon is an expert at it. Throughout their page, Verizon promotes their philanthropic efforts, you can read about their participation in events put on by charitable organizations, the ways in which they invest in their employees and their initiatives to promote STEM education: “We need more kids to have access to the tech and education that will put them on the path to rewarding STEM careers. Learn how Verizon aids young people in striving for better.” Through their philanthropic messaging, Verizon sells their brand to professionals that admire their work to better the world.

2. Nike’s Greatest Advocates

Whether you’re looking to hire new employees or share your company philosophies on LinkedIn, involving employees in content creation allows them to be advocates for your brand and builds thought-leadership on your page. Since Nike is a globally recognized brand, it may be a bit of a surprise to know that most of their content on LinkedIn is created by individual employees. At the beginning of the year, they shared posts in which employees revealed their New Year’s Resolutions, Caroline W., Territory Recruiting Leader, said her resolution is to, “Spend more quality time with loved ones and less time on devices – by moving together!” In addition to the resolutions, Nike regularly shares videos in which their employees attest to why they love working at Nike, but it’s more than a sales pitch to attract new hires, Alexa Martinez, Digital Designer, discussed her passion for athletics and how it fuels her love for her job. In featuring their employees, Nike utilizes their greatest advocates and gives a first-hand look at the culture of their company.

3. Schneider Electric’s Branded Design and Imagery

LinkedIn’s marketing experts like to say, “Visual is the new headline,” and when it comes to success on site, it’s true, visuals are vital. Updating the imagery on your LinkedIn company page will bring your brand to life and grab the attention of their many users. Your brand’s LinkedIn page should have cohesive visuals to support the messaging and recognition of your brand. Maintaining components of design across your company’s social media sites, whether it’s using the same fonts or following a specific color scheme, will assist in achieving greater brand recognition as well. Schneider Electric’s LinkedIn page does a phenomenal job of sticking to the elements that define their brand. On their page you will notice that all of their images and videos are eye-catching, well designed, and branded with the striking green color of their logo. Schneider Electric’s imagery consistently matches their messaging and makes the entire page visually appealing.

Now that we’ve taken a look at a few of the ways top companies on LinkedIn are doing it right, we hope you feel more comfortable and confident diving into your own company page. Through tactful self-promotion, employee involvement and updated imagery, your company will soon be on its way to industry leadership. For more information on how to maximize your social media presence on all platforms, contact Orange Label.

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