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Fun. Energetic. Creative. Team. Orange.

Four out of five of Orange Label’s core values have universally agreed upon definitions:

Fun (n.): Enjoyment, amusement.

Energetic (adj.) showing or involving great activity or vitality.

Creative (adj.) relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Team (n.): group of people organized to work together to accomplish a common purpose or a goal.

Orange – Now, what does orange have to do with response marketing? Of course, orange is a color; orange is a fruit – but at our agency, orange has a deeper meaning. Orange represents history, it represents industry leadership and it represents individuality. Allow us to explain.

Have you ever seen the historic and artistic labels that were used to cover the sides of orange crates? Today, they can be seen adorning walls as vintage artwork. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, these colorful and appealing labels were used to differentiate one orange grower from another. So, with all the sameness of an orange, what made one preferable over another without even tasting the juice? Perception.

What these orange growers figured out was that if they created a picture in the consumers’ mind about what “Their Orange” stood for, they would attract a certain type of buyer and their oranges would sell, often at a premium. These family-made growers pioneered response marketing with a fearless entrepreneurial mindset and business-oriented backbone. They became the market leaders of their time.

We believe in this “orange grower” philosophy, so much so that we named our agency after it. We are on a mission to transform fearless entrepreneurial mindset organizations into market leaders. We don’t accept mediocrity or clients who just want their “fair share.” We work with established brands that want MORE and we produce MORE— more engagement, more response and more results. Leaders demand smart action and we deliver it over and over again. We stand for market leadership.

We believe success starts with a grounded foundation and understanding of our client’s target demographic. Before we even think about a recommendation, we talk to our client’s target audience to discover language and images that emotionally connect and attract them. We thoughtfully research concepts from all perspectives to see the big picture and answer the tough business questions.

With the soil tilled and framework laid, we develop response marketing strategies, advertising plans and messages that move people to action, motivate them to respond AND create long-term brand loyalty. Loyalty that translates into more profit today and increased stakeholder value tomorrow.

As Orange County’s longest standing response marketing agency, we have spent over four decades perfecting our craft, so we can continue delivering the best results for our clients. From television to print, social media to digital marketing, Orange Label specializes in a breadth of services designed to help clients achieve lasting brand value. Our mission, our vision, our reason for being is to empower our clients to be leaders in their market and experience powerful and growing demand. At Orange Label, everything is possible. No dream is too big. Market leadership is yours.

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Founded in 1972

As Orange County’s longest-standing, privately held response marketing agency, we have witnessed dynamic shifts in the world of marketing. Through it all, we have ensured our clients stay at the forefront of communication and technology, driving response and value with every new endeavor.