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Creativity is a way of expressing oneself, one’s brand or one’s goal. It’s the thing that sparks our interest and makes us go, “wow!” It’s what keeps things unique. It’s what makes content, campaigns and branding exciting. And while some industries have more “creative wiggle room” than others, there’s always a way to breathe life into a project to make it new.

Since 1972, we’ve helped clients in a variety of industries—including retail, healthcare, real estate and more—develop something different. Those with a fearless, entrepreneurial mindset know that finding a solution takes time, because you have to ensure you’re solving for the right problem. Not the obvious one.

Going beyond the surface, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses: meeting with key players at the client level, talking to customers and assessing the competition. Once we’ve got the “squeeze” on the brand, we bring in the creative department to capture its essence, aka “the juice.” Whether developing brand messaging or campaign themes, Creative Strategy Director Alyse Stranberg follows these six rules to keep creative fresh:

  1. Think differently.
  2. Seek inspiration.
  3. Collaborate. It’s always better.
  4. Create with purpose.
  5. Even when you think you’re done – stop and ask, can it be better?
  6. Always remember that creative is subjective.

With this framework in mind, it’s easy for us to create results-driven campaigns that leave the box behind. From branding and website design to social media and content strategy, here’s a quick guide on how to maximize creativity.

Help Us Help You: How to Best Work with Orange Label

In the words of modernist painter Pablo Picasso, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” In order to take the action to achieve that success, we have to ask questions. Where do you envision your brand in the next three years? If it involves leveling up your creative strategy, be sure to let us know in our initial meeting! The more reference materials that you provide during that meeting, such as style guides, brand guides and previous campaigns, the better. This will help us understand your context and bring to life the vision you truly desire before any creative work begins.

“It’s important to ask if the client has any sensitivities or if there is any inspiration they can provide. If they have an idea of their own or an example of something they like, it’s helpful to know as a point of reference – and to always ask ‘what do you like about this?’” Alyse says.

Nothing in mind? That’s okay! Once sensitivities and core objectives are established, our team of creatives can provide a design brief or mood board to spark conversation and help us dive deep into what will best represent your brand.

“Design briefs are always great to start your projects, because the designer can dig into what exactly the client wants- asking questions they weren’t even thinking of,” Orange Label Senior Designer Denise Coke says.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Creative?

As ‘creative’ is one of our core values at Orange Label, it would be off-brand of us to say there is such a thing as too much of it; but, marketing needs to be intentional. It needs to push things forward and set things in motion so clients can cross their next desired finish line – whatever that may be. “All creative must have purpose – and with purpose, it can achieve client goals and ROI,” Alyse says.

When asked the same, Denise agreed. “There’s no such thing. However, knowing how to explain your choices and design thinking is important in marketing and advertising. A graphic designer’s job sometimes isn’t to be an artist, but a storyteller,” Denise explains.

A graphic designer’s job sometimes isn’t to be an artist, but a storyteller. Click To Tweet

So, what story does your brand want to tell this year? And how do you want to tell it? We’ve given you a glimpse at our creative process and our creative meetings, all that’s left for you to do is reach out:

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