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There are over 2.3 billion active social media users in the world. Let that number sink in.

With a user demographic that equates to nearly a third of the global population, social media is clearly today’s dominant form of communication. Social savvy brands are not only exhibiting their products to a widening audience of users, they also use these platforms to directly respond to their customers’ wants and needs. Quickly attending to inquiries and comments on social media demonstrates a commitment to customer service that will build brand loyalty in the long-run.

According to a 2015 study performed by McKinsey & Company, a “wow” customer service experience makes customers 30-50 percent more likely to recommend a company and make repeat purchases. Heeding these statistics, big brands are boosting their online reputation – and ROI – by dedicating quality time to social media customer service. JetBlue is one prime example of how to do social media customer service the right way. The brand’s ability to quickly and effectively respond in a tone that appropriately mirrors the customer’s is one reason their service efforts have gone viral. If a customer appears distressed, JetBlue responds with empathy and understanding. If a customer is excited and uses emojis, JetBlue responds in a similar fashion.


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Choosing Twitter as its primary customer service platform, Nike created a separate handle to specifically tackle customer service inquiries. According to SimplyMeasured, @NikeSupport responds to questions 7 days a week, averaging a 3-hour response time on weekdays and a quick 2-hour response time on weekends. They can even respond to inquiries in six languages! For a global brand, these numbers indicate exceptional dedication to customer service using social media channels.


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In addition to being time-efficient and using appropriate tone, brands are always finding new ways to address customer needs. This could mean using a variety of platforms, in addition to standards like Twitter and Instagram. Eyewear company Warby Parker even has a YouTube channel dedicated to customer FAQs.

Looking at these examples, one thing is clear: managing customer service through social media is more than just damage control – it’s an opportunity. Quick and thoughtful social engagement strengthens a brand’s existing customer base while appealing to new clients. Studies have shown that when companies interact with customers over social media, those customers spend 20-40 percent more with that company.

Addressing questions big and small with speed and an appropriate tone can work wonders for a brand’s reputation and longevity. Whether you’re looking to improve your customer service strategy or introduce your brand into the world of social, engaging with customers via social media thoughtfully and strategically will unlock an entirely new realm of possibility for brands.

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